City Council              36 Court Street

                            Springfield, MA  01103

              Maintenance and Development Sub-Committee    


              ~ Agenda ~              Anthony I. Wilson



Monday, July 15, 2019              5:15 PM              City Hall -- Room 200


I.              Call to Order

5:15 PM Meeting called to order on July 15, 2019 at City Hall -- Room 200, 36 Court Street, Springfield, MA.



II.              Orders

1.              Order (ID # 5188)

Confirmation of the Re-Appointment of Vanessa Otero to the Water and Sewer Commission



·          Vanessa Otero WS Appointment Letter              (PDF)

2.              Order (ID # 5210)

MassTrails Grant - Match Needed - $150,000



·          DPW MassTrails Grant              (PDF)

·          CAFO Cert - MassTrails Grant Match Funding              (PDF)

3.              Order (ID # 5229)

Order Approving Intergovernmental Agreement with Pioneer Valley Transit Authority  For Cottage Street and Robbins Road Traffic Improvement Project pursuant to Mass. Gen. Laws Ch. 40, Sec. 4A

Under the Agreement, the City plans on acquiring property interests through eminent domain for public way purposes under certain terms and conditions, and the PVTA will pay for all acquisition costs to the Property Owners and defend the City against any litigation costs for any damages required or agreed to be paid for the eminent domain takings at the Intersection.  The Agreement must be approved by the City Council and Mayor of Springfield, as well as, Pioneer Valley Transit Authority Administrator.   



·          Exhibit A  - draft  Intergovermental Agreement between the City of Springfield and the PVTA  for the Cottage Street, Robbins Road and Industry Avenue Traffic Project              (PDF)

4.              Order (ID # 5207)

DPW Rideshare Funding - No Match - $68,269.00



·          DPW Rideshare Funding              (PDF)

III.              Petitions

1.              Petition (ID # 5216)

Traffic Control Agreement Bay & Berkshire



·          608411 SPRINGFIELD BayBerkshire TCA2019 (2)              (PDF)